Volume 48, No. 1 – Spring 2024

Front cover image of the Spring 2024 issue of The Gargoyle magazine, featuring AI generated artwork of an illustrated Lady Liberty holding scales.

Dean's View

  • Headshot photo of Dan Tokaji.

    Dean’s View

    Welcome to another exciting issue of our Gargoyle magazine! We’ve got some especially fascinating stories to share with you in this edition.


  • Illustration of a lawyer ushering in a single mother with child to a court room.

    Family Law

    Trends and new challenges paint a different picture than what it looked like just a few years ago. But the importance and appeal of family law remain consistent.

  • An outstretched hand with glowing technology symbols in the palm.

    Navigating the Future

    UW Law efforts position students to work alongside rapidly expanding AI.

  • Illustration of the North American continent in watercolor style.

    A Badger on (Almost) Every Continent

    UW Law’s graduate programs are a destination for students from a growing number of countries.

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    Where Great Legal Minds Gather

    Our inaugural faculty investiture ceremony shone a spotlight on how faculty boost UW Law’s national reputation.

News & Notes

  • In Brief

    We cover the latest University of Wisconsin Law School news.

  • Red illustration of the state of Wisconsin.

    Enhancing Power and Visibility of Tribal Laws

    The Law Library and GLILC work with partners and Native Nations within Wisconsin and the broader Great Lakes region to develop a digital publishing solution to enhance the power and visibility of tribal laws.

  • Closeup of Jeffrey Glazer.

    Sowing the Seeds of Rural Entrepreneurship

    The path from software developer to manager of the Rural Entrepreneurship Program may not seem like an obvious one. But for clinical professor Jeffrey Glazer, it all makes sense.

  • Closeup headshot of Ahmed White.

    Labor Law Powerhouse Joins Faculty

    For years, Ahmed White was impressed with University of Wisconsin Law School from afar. This fall, he joins the faculty as the James E. Jones Jr. Chair.

Donor Highlight

In Memoriam

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    In Memoriam

    We pay tribute to Emeritus Professor Frank Tuerkheimer, Ralph Cagle, Walter Brandeis Raushenbush, Emeritus Professor Alan Weisbard and others.

Class Notes

  • Headshot photo of Judge Mario White

    Class Notes

    See what's new with University of Wisconsin Law School alumni.

In Focus

Judge Luttig gestures with open hands while he speaks, seated on stage across from the event moderator.



  • Closeup photo of Charles Hoslet.

    The Relationship Manager

    Charles Hoslet ’89 has covered a lot of ground over the course of his career, from chief counsel to Gov. Tommy Thompson to vice chancellor for university relations at University of Wisconsin–Madison. But Hoslet, who is retiring after 27 years at the university, sees a common thread running through it all.

  • Headshot photo of Paul Bley.

    In the Public Interest

    When Paul Bley ’80 graduated from University of Wisconsin–Madison in 1977 with a bachelor’s in business administration and a looming ROTC military obligation, he figured that having a law degree in hand would improve the flexibility and variety of his assignments in the U.S. Army.

Faculty & Staff

  • Closeup image of Nathan Atkinson.

    ‘Spoiler’ Alert

    With the shift of America’s political landscape and loss of middle ground, Nathan Atkinson wants to investigate more on how ranked-choice voting performs in polarized environments.

  • Closeup photo of Margaret Miller.

    Welcome Margaret Miller, Alumni Relations Officer

    University of Wisconsin Law School would like to welcome Margaret Miller, who serves as the new alumni relations officer.


  • Closeup image of Emily Ott.

    A Dream Deferred

    Emily Ott always envisioned going after her J.D. But after she earned her bachelor’s degree in philosophy, she found herself immersed in politics and government work.

The Last Word

  • Closeup photo of Lauren Seeger.

    Laureen Seeger ’86

    Laureen Seeger ’86 has enjoyed a 38-year career full of rewards and challenges. We sat down with Seeger to discuss her experience at University of Wisconsin Law School, her career and her generous support of future Law School Badgers.

Why Gargoyle?

In 1963, when the existing Law School was demolished to make way for a new building, Dean George Young found and rescued a sandstone gargoyle from the rubble. This figure and its twin sat on the roof of the 1893 building for almost 70 years.

That rescued gargoyle, which is now permanently installed in the Law School’s atrium, gives its name to this magazine, representing the indomitable strength and spirit of our University of Wisconsin Law School and its many graduates.

A photograph of the UW Law School's Gargoyle statue, which is made of stone and very worn from the weather. The creature is holding a blank shield.
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