W Crest with Pear Blossoms

Volume 43, No. 1 - Spring 2021

gargoyle spring 2021 cover issue 42.1


  • Supreme Court

    Court Packing: Should the Supreme Court be reformed?

    Long after the Trump administration moves from headlines into the pages of history books, President Donald Trump’s impact on the nation will remain firmly entrenched in the US Supreme Court.

  • Editorial Image depicting Cancel Culture

    Cancel Culture and the Future of Free Speech

    When is “cancel culture” warranted and when does it go too far? How do we preserve the United States’ tradition of free speech and community-enforced speech norms without giving individuals and private companies too much control?

  • 21 Reasons

    21 Reasons for Optimism in 2021

    Despite the many challenges facing our country and world — a pandemic, racial injustice, economic woes, to name a few — members of the UW Law community have reason for hope, too.

  • House Divided

    House Divided: The State of the Union

    After a year of crisis, conflict, and change, four professors reflect on what the 2020 election tells us about the state of the Union, and what comes next.

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