Last Word: Then & Now

These photos underscore the difference a year can make.

In the fall 2020 semester, everything looked different on campus, including Homecoming traditions like the Cane Toss. At Camp Randall, the Law School’s annual Cane Toss couldn’t be held and fans didn’t fill the stadium. During the spring 2021 semester, the Law School held a Cane Toss event at Camp Randall, albeit without fans and with masks.

3Ls running across camp randall in an empty stadium from spring 2021
Spring 2021

Fast forward to the fall 2021 semester, and much has changed. Once again, third-year law students were able to partake in the traditional Cane Toss event — running across the field ahead of the Homecoming game and tossing their canes over the goalposts to predict the outcome of their first case.

3Ls running across camp randall in an stadium from fall 2021
Fall 2021