In Brief – Winter 2021-22

By the Numbers: The Entering Class of 2021

pie chart with 27%
27% students of color
timeline of ages going from 20 to 54, with a note at 25 for the average age
The entering class of 2021 has an age range of 20 to 54 years old and an average age of 25 years old.
large yellow 49% to represent percent of students from outside of Wisconsin
49% from outside of Wisconsin
large aqua 32
32 states and territories represented
red Wisconsin with a large white 32 in the middle
32 Wisconsin counties represented
large 25 in green
25 languages spoken
infographic of states with most enrolled students surrounding a list: Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, California, Florida, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Texas
States with most students enrolled: Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, California, Florida, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Texas
large $26,646 in blue
$26,646 is the average scholarship for the 2021 entering class
red pie chart showing 50% men and 50% women
50% men and 50% women
large 94% in red to represent percent of class that received scholarships
94% of the 2021 entering class received scholarships
large aqua 70 to represent 70 different majors
70 different majors
large 274 in red to represent class size
Class Size of 274

Monuments and Memorials

headshot of asifa quraishi-landes
Photo by Tatiana Shiraski

“Monuments and memorials should help us learn about our history and grow from it. When we were asked to opine about all the ways American Muslims suffered in the aftermath of 9/11, we knew it wasn’t enough. We want to also talk about what this means for today. What does this mean for oppression in all its forms right now? And then the really difficult question: are we complicit in any of it? Abuse of power hurts not just the abused, but also the abuser. Everyone needs to heal from these past harms, so we all must ask these questions. We could start on anniversaries. What if every commemoration of every atrocity was a step on a path toward truth and reconciliation? Maybe, then, we could see our way out of this dangerous cycle, heal the fractures in our society, and finally write a new American story.”

— Asifa Quraishi-Landes, in an op-ed co-written with Farah Brelvi for

UW Law Vaccination Rate

bar chart showing 97% of employees and 96% of students vacinated

Although the UW–Madison campus does not have a vaccine mandate, the Law School community has some of the highest rates of vaccination on campus, with 97% of employees and 96% of students vaccinated.

Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic video series helps small businesses

The L&E Clinic, in partnership with Wisconsin’s Small Business Development Center, created a number of how-to video series as a resource for the state’s small business owners and entrepreneurs. With seven videos in total, the series offers insight on common legal questions entrepreneurs ask. Topics include trademarks and copyright, business entity types, choosing a lawyer for small business, worker classification, operating agreements, creating legal entities, and employment agreements and employee handbooks. The series can be viewed at