Dean’s View

UW Law Dean Margaret RaymondDear friends,

I’m honored to share this special issue of the Gargoyle, which commemorates the 150th anniversary of the University of Wisconsin Law School. We’ve been busy this year celebrating the Law School’s sesquicentennial, and this issue is part of that celebration.

You’ll see a timeline of UW Law School “firsts,” enjoy some great historic photos from the Law School archives, read about some of our quirky traditions and stories, and learn about the return of our long-lost Gargoyle, which happened last year.

While it’s impossible to capture all the richness of our history in these pages, the issue addresses several themes that are
central to our core values. In an article on the concept of “law in action,” Emeritus Professor Stewart Macaulay discusses the foundation of this concept, and several members of our current faculty demonstrate its importance and relevance to their teaching and scholarship. Our profile of five UW alumni “thought leaders” shows our graduates having an impact in the world and bringing their UW training to bear in diverse fields.

Throughout, you’ll see our great faculty and alumni using their powerful abilities and intellects to address critically important questions, serve social needs, and make change in the world. We would expect nothing less. I’m so honored to be the Dean of this extraordinary Law School, and as you read this issue I hope you feel pride at being part of this diverse, committed, and altogether remarkable community.

Anniversaries invite us to look backward and to reflect with appreciation on where we have been, but this year, we’ve also been looking forward. Our 150 years of history are only the beginning. We still have important work to do. Every year we graduate another class of UW lawyers who emerge ready to serve their clients and communities; every time we add a new faculty member, we empower a colleague to mobilize big ideas in the service of improving our state, the nation, and the world.

Today’s achievements are tomorrow’s legacy. We are grateful to have been part of your story, and are glad you all will continue to be part of ours.

My best,

Margaret Raymond