Alumni in the media

Marti WronskiOn watching a Brewer’s game as the team’s legal counsel

“I can enjoy it, but I cannot watch a game and not be observing and thinking about every little possibility. I see something new every time I watch a game. I send 15 emails during every game — something you do when you’re passionate about what you do. I’m always thinking about what’s going on. I even do it when I’m watching the kids’ Little League games. I’m covering up puddles of mud because I’m afraid the kids are going to slip and fall.”

Marti Wronski ’97, Wisconsin Lawyer

On what one prosecutor can do about the mass incarceration of African-Americans in Milwaukee

“What’s the most effective way to keep a community healthy? You protect people in the first place. But then what do you do with the people who are arrested? There are two basic models of prosecutorial philosophy. In one, you are a case processor. You take what is brought
to you by law enforcement agencies, and you move those cases fairly and efficiently through the system. But if you want to make a difference, you have to do more than process cases. If people view prosecutors as just the guys in the courthouse, who are concerned only with getting convictions, then you are creating a barrier.”

John Chisholm ’94, The New Yorker

On putting the pieces of the puzzle together as a federal prosecutor

“Every day I get to do justice — fight for a just cause. And at the heart
of what we do is solve a mystery. Sometimes, we know exactly how something happened. But we still have to reconstruct history. We put the pieces of a puzzle together. It’s fascinating. What was someone thinking? Why did they do what they did? And then we get to tell that story to a jury.”

Lola Velasquez-Aguilu, Minnesota Lawyer