A Pathway to Excellence

As Wisconsin’s flagship public law school, University of Wisconsin Law School is committed to providing access to legal education and the legal profession for people from a wide variety of backgrounds. A newly established fund will help the Law School make good on that commitment by providing support for Native American students.

New Journal Fills Voids in Law Review Publishing

As a constitutional law teacher for more than 20 years, David Schwartz increasingly found that history was crucial to understanding the deep structure and essential nature of the Constitution. That’s why, in Fall 2022, he established the Journal of American Constitutional History (JACH), a peer-reviewed, web-based journal publishing high-quality scholarship.

A Commitment to Study

Mark Sidel has devoted many years to the study of regulation and policy issues of nonprofits and philanthropic organizations in Asia, first in a number of years working in senior program positions for the Ford Foundation in Beijing, Hanoi, Bangkok and New Delhi, and now in academic life.