Volume 46, No. 1 – Spring 2023

The cover of the Spring 2023, Volume 46.1 issue of the Gargoyle alumni magazine. The cover is a composite image of photographs and text blocks containing images of student protests from the Vietnam War era.

Dean's View

  • A headshot photo of Daniel Tokaji.

    Dean’s View – Spring 2023

    Welcome to another exciting edition of our Gargoyle magazine. We’ve got so many gems in this edition, and I can’t wait for you to read about all the wonderful ways University of Wisconsin Law School is shaping narratives.


  • Symmetrical, colorful illustration of flowers, hearts, vines and geometrical patterns

    Tribal Law in Action

    The Native Nations Externship Program, established in Fall 2022, builds on UW Law School's rich history of growing community in tribal law.

  • Sights, Sounds and Emotions

    UW Law graduates recount pivotal moments from Vietnam War-era protests on campus.

  • A headshot photo of Geraldine Hines

    ‘I jumped in with both feet.’

    Geraldine Hines ’71 reflects on Jim Crow-era experiences and resulting political activism in Law School.

  • The five UW Law School Admissions staff smiling in their office.

    Welcome to Admissions

    Law School admissions has changed since you applied, even in the past few years. And guess what? It’s going to change even more.

News & Notes

  • A headshot image of Steph Tai, wearing glasses and smiling

    In Brief – Spring 2023

    "Stars in Pro Bono Work," "Mark Sidel Named Honorary Professor at Liverpool Law School," "David Schwartz Appointed Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor" and more news.

  • A headshot photo of Anuj Desai.

    UW Law Lives in the Executive Office of the President

    Few have a clue about the inner workings of the federal government, and even fewer could tell you what goes on inside the Executive Office of the President. But Anuj Desai, Volkman-Bascom professor of law at University of Wisconsin Law School, can.

  • A headshot photo of Joshua Braver.

    ‘We, the Mediated People’

    New book by Joshua Braver explores the perils and promises of illegal constitution-making by ‘the people.’

  • A black and white photo of James Willard Hurst

    A Hidden Gem

    Recovered manuscripts from the ‘father of modern American legal history’ reveal James Willard Hurst to be a ‘powerful chronicler of the rise of the modern American regulatory state.’

  • A headshot photo of Margaret Raymond.

    Law in the Time of COVID Inspires Students to Think About the Next Pandemic

    The Fall 2022 offering Law in the Time of COVID captured a historic, disruptive moment in the development of the law.

  • A headshot photo of Mark Sidel.

    A Commitment to Study

    Mark Sidel has devoted many years to the study of regulation and policy issues of nonprofits and philanthropic organizations in Asia, first in a number of years working in senior program positions for the Ford Foundation in Beijing, Hanoi, Bangkok and New Delhi, and now in academic life.

  • A headshot photo of David Scwartz.

    New Journal Fills Voids in Law Review Publishing

    As a constitutional law teacher for more than 20 years, David Schwartz increasingly found that history was crucial to understanding the deep structure and essential nature of the Constitution. That’s why, in Fall 2022, he established the Journal of American Constitutional History (JACH), a peer-reviewed, web-based journal publishing high-quality scholarship.

  • Former Beaver Dam City Attorney Maryann Schacht and her daughter, attorney Stephanie Schacht

    A Pathway to Excellence

    As Wisconsin’s flagship public law school, University of Wisconsin Law School is committed to providing access to legal education and the legal profession for people from a wide variety of backgrounds. A newly established fund will help the Law School make good on that commitment by providing support for Native American students.

  • A headshot photo of Shannon Speed.

    Upcoming Events – Spring 2023

    Learn more about upcoming events at University of Wisconsin Law School.

Student Spotlight

  • A headshot photo of Karen Suarez Jimenez.

    From Helpless to Empowered

    Now a third-year student at University of Wisconsin Law School, Karen Suárez Jiménez has experienced the thrill of helping clients win their asylum cases through the Immigrant Justice Clinic.

  • A headshot photo of Clayton Cavanaugh.

    A Calling to Public Defense

    Even as a middle schooler, Clayton Cavanaugh knew he wanted to go to law school to become a public defender. He wasn’t satisfied with the world he saw reflected in the media or overheard in snippets of adults’ conversations.

  • A headshot photo of Jodi Chung.

    Making Space for Belonging

    Jodi Chung doesn’t let barriers stand in her way. Until age 6, she lived in an orphanage in China and was unable to walk because of congenital hip dysplasia. After she was adopted by a Wisconsin couple, she worked hard to learn English and powered through excruciating physical therapy after multiple surgeries.

  • A headshot photo of Taylor Gilbertson.

    From Teacher to Student

    Building community, advocating for others and helping them to advocate for themselves: These are the things that drive Taylor Gilbertson (a second-year Law student) and that brought her to University of Wisconsin Law School.

Alumni News

Class Notes

  • Headshot of Solomon H. Ashby, Jr.

    Class Notes – Spring 2023

    1970s Thomas K. Zander ’77 is the 2022 recipient of the Wisconsin Equal Justice Fund’s Howard B. Eisenberg Lifetime Achievement Award. Zander was the executive director of the Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee Inc. from …

  • A headshot photo of Kathryn Jackson, smiling.

    Kathryn Jackson ’11: From Entrepreneur to Consultant

    Kathryn Jackson ’11 is perfectly suited to help entrepreneurs. Because she’s literally been in their shoes.

In Memoriam

  • An image of a budding green plant against a blue sky with a bee flying near the leaves.

    In Memoriam – Spring 2023

    John Rowe ’70, Lifetime Supporter of Research and Education at UW A longtime supporter of research and education and a leader in the energy industry, John Rowe ’70 died Sept. 24, 2022. Rowe helped University …

Last Word

  • Photo of Elizabeth Gracie in office setting.

    Last Word – Spring 2023

    Elizabeth Gracie ’83 dreamed of attending law school, all the while growing up in Wisconsin. Fast forward to 2023: Gracie has a prominent practice representing real estate developers, corporations and not-for-profit organizations in complex property tax matters in Chicago.

In Focus

A person wearing feathered head attire while holding a flag with feathers attached.
  • Native Nations Flag Ceremony

    The Indigenous Law Students Association (ILSA) and University of Wisconsin Law School honored Wisconsin’s Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous veterans Nov. 4, 2022, during the Native Nations Flag Ceremony at the Pyle Center.

A photo of a wooded setting with a creek and a rock pathway through the water.