Overheard: UW Law in the news

On the use of experimental Ebola serum

Alta Charo“No one can say that the optics here are not troubling. That is, you have a very small amount of a drug that might work, and the only people who get it are the Americans. But you need to also remember that if we had given it to non-Americans first, there would be equally bad optics of testing drugs on people from developing countries before we’re willing to test it on ourselves, which has usually been the complaint in the past.”
Alta Charo, NPR

Post-Sterling NBA

Linda Greene“Cuban’s comment calls the question: What standards besides wealth qualify one to own an NBA franchise? These teams may be privately held, but the ownership of one is a privilege and constitutes a public trust. Therefore, the NBA has a duty to probe deeply both beliefs and actions to ensure that those who steward these unique community institutions are worthy of that trust.”
— Linda Greene, New York Times

Preventing gentrification

Lisa Alexander

“Cities with significant subsidized and rent-restricted affordable-housing stock should consider using legal tools to preserve their subsidies for the long term.”
— Lisa Alexander, New York Times

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On how law schools can support happy (future) lawyers

Marsha Mansfield
“ If you as a law school can concentrate on supporting autonomy, relationships, and collaboration, then you’re doing a good job. There’s an ongoing need to relay the message that it’s not all about law review and grades and high-paying jobs. There’s more out there than that.”
— Marsha Mansfield, Wisconsin Lawyer

Familial DNA testing

Keith Findley
“It’s a mixed bag, but one I would be very cautious about. It does come with some serious concerns … because it is not searching for direct matches, but near-matches to family members. The real question is if the narrow benefits trump the social costs.”
— Keith Findley, Sheboygan Press [su_spacer size=”5″]

Wisconsin Bar’s new president

Ralph Cagle

“ I will do my all to vigorously advance our profession’s ideals, to assist our members in their work and lives, and to fulfill our public responsibilities as lawyers.”
— Ralph Cagle, wisbar.org