Why Do You Give?

“I give to the Law School for the usual reasons one supports her alma mater — fond memories, gratitude, pride in the institution of the past — and desire to perpetuate its stature into the future. Recently, I have increased my giving because of state funding cuts. I cherish the public education UW Law School provides. Its worth extends far beyond the students it educates and faculty it employs, to the entire society, the stability and quality of which it helps to ensure.”  — Elizabeth Gracie ’83

“The University of Wisconsin is very special to me because twenty of my family members attended school here, including both my parents, my grandmother, and my husband! I am inspired to give to the University of Wisconsin Law School because I am grateful for the legal education I received, and because I believe it provides a world-class legal education.”  — Laura Krishnan ’98

“I am inspired to give to UW Law because I want to help the institution prepare future generations of attorneys have a positive impact on society — whether through private practice, serving the public interest or some other path. UW Law embraced me and provided a foundation that was instrumental in helping me become the person I am today. It’s imperative to have resources to train the best and the brightest, and UW Law should always be in a position to help students soar to new heights.” — Letitia Smith-Evans ’03

“I give to the Law School because of the support I received as a student and because of the personal and professional benefits I continue to derive from my legal education. I am particularly grateful for the fellowship support I received from Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ceresi, and for the skill-building, clinical experiences I had. Each year, I commit to giving whatever I can to the Law School so that other students’ lives, like mine, can be transformed.”  — Carla McKenzie ’07

“My small contribution to the Law School is a gesture of gratitude to those who supported me. I am inspired to give because of the generosity of those who gave before me. I am particularly inspired to help fund scholarships so that Wisconsin continues to attract and keep the best candidates possible who will enhance the practice of law. I hope that those students currently receiving scholarships will someday contribute to the next generation of Wisconsin lawyers.” — Sara Stellpflug ’12