Why Did You Choose UW Law School?

“I chose Wisconsin because of the strong sense of community among students, faculty and administration.  Plus, this is America’s Dairyland! There are exciting legal issues to explore in the agriculture and food industries here.” —Kelliann Blazek

“Before law school, I was a Teach for America corps member in Philadelphia, but I am originally from the suburbs of Chicago. My interests in employment law, education law and administrative law, plus the opportunity for hands-on legal experience and the strong law school community, led me to choose UW.” —Erin Johnson

“I was attracted to UW Law because of the strong clinical and internship programs, the commitment to public interest pro bono work, and the laid-back friendly atmosphere. In just a year and a half, I’ve been fortunate to take advantage of all these attributes and couldn’t be happier with my decision to attend UW Law!” —Patrick O’Neill

“Knowing I would be going into criminal law, I was drawn to the Law in Action philosophy and UW Law School’s excellent clinical programs. I also loved the collaborative, though still competitive, nature of the classes. Additionally, having attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison for undergrad, I fell in love with the city.” —Alex Brousseau