In Appreciation of the Wisconsin Law Legacy Society

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to those who make our work of transforming lives through legal education possible. The following list recognizes friends and alumni who have included UW Law School in their estate plans. If we have made any errors in this list, please accept our apology and contact Eric Salisbury at

Thomas ’56 and Jill Barland

David* ’52 and Natalie Beckwith

Darrell ’88 and Michelle ’88 Behnke

Hugh ’66 and Joyce Bell

Julian ’48 and Joan Berman

Philip Bloedorn ’70

Mark Bonady ’73

Burneatta Bridge ’82

Robert Buesing ’77

Glenn ’49 and Dolores Coates

Richard Eager ’50

Stanley Feinstein

Sheldon ’54 and Nellie Fink

Ted Finman

Bill ’78 and Ellen Fisher

Matthew ’75 and Mary Etter Flynn

Robert* ’49 and Nancy Froehlke

Bruce Gillman ’58

Kathleen Grant ’79

John ’82 and Laura ’82 Hale

James ’57 and Elaine Halls

David Hanson ’68 and Linda Bochert ’74

Lawrence Henze ’88

Philip ’93 and Nicole Jennings

O. K. Johnson, Jr. ’55

Keith ’65 and Barbara Johnston

Michael Klug ’84

Thaddeus ’58 and Nancy Kryshak

Richard Lehmann ’68

Felice Levin

Joseph Liegl ’73

Jacqueline* ’83 and Stewart Macaulay

John ’68 and Temmy Mahoney

Valerie ’74 and Kent Mannis

Marygold ’50 and Joseph* ’50 Melli

Alphonsus C. Murphy ’61 and Katherine C. Murphy (daughter)

Roland Nehring ’57

Milton ’55 and Nancy Neshek

Frank* ’48 and Mary Nikolay

Denise ’83 and David Ofria

Ben ’66 and Lee Porter

Stephen* ’66 and Susan Porter

Walter Raushenbush ’53

Michael ’67 and Susan “Holly” Reiter

William ’57 and Gretchen Rieser

Anthony Rood ’51

Allen ’65 and Vicki Samson

Cynthia G. Schneider ’72

Thomas Sobota ’64

Nancy Splain ’77

Cody Splitt ’49

George ’58 and Gesella Stephan

Donald ’63 and Dorothy Stone

Thomas Taylor ’82

Dolores Thimke ’55

Ray* ’51 and Marion Tomlinson

Donald ’60 and Peggy Ugent

Mark ’68 and Cynthia Ulevich

John* ’47 and Sallie Vergeront

K. Gus Vlahadamis ’92 and Gail Grieger

John ’80 and Bella Wagner

Cheryl Rosen Weston ’71

Bradford ’71 and Katherine Wilcox

Virginia Wolfe ’71

Warren ’73 and Elizabeth Wood

Years denote those who hold degrees from UW Law School.
* Deceased