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Food, Glorious Food: Shaping the Food Law of the Future

Current food law is a bewildering mix of disconnected and outdated regulations.Three UW Law School professors are proposing new policies and frameworks to ensure food safety, safeguard the environment, and protect farmers and other food workers. Their goal is to prepare and serve a safe and balanced food future.

Restoring Justice

“Never in a thousand years would I have ever dreamed I’d be watching my mailbox for the next letter from Ryan Beckler.” To understand why Noreen Deiss would say this, one need only look back to the evening of December 4, 1994.

A League of Her Own

You can’t throw Marti Wronski any curveballs.The Neenah, Wisconsin, native has been hitting career home runs ever since graduating from UW Law School with high honors in 1997. She spent nearly six years as an associate with Milwaukee’s Foley & Lardner and had taken a faculty spot at Marquette Law School when the Milwaukee Brewers tapped her for the team’s legal department.

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